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We are your neighborhood pharmacy that offers exceptional customer service and extensive health care products.
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Who We Are
Owner and Pharmacist Harsh Patel’s long-time dream has always been to run his own pharmacy in the United States, just as he did in India. After a decade of working in the corporate big-chains Walgreens and Costco in the pharmaceutical world, his dream finally came true.

On June 22, 2017, Care Rx Pharmacy opened for business at Tennessee street and the Magnolia Drive intersection. The humble building is small but carries a broad range of health care supplies and standard convenience store fare.

In an era of brand names and million-dollar profits, Patel says shopping local is the smarter move for consumers where copays on prescription drugs stay the same. “At the end of the Day, chain pharmacies are too busy. They’re just constantly producing prescriptions and you miss out on that personal touch.”

Good Neighbor pharmacy cares for you and about you. This pharmacy is independently owned and operated under a license from Good Neighbor Pharmacy, Inc which is owned by AmerisourceBergen Wholesale.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer pharmaceutical products and services that are within our customers’ budgets while upholding safety and quality. At Care Rx Pharmacy, they receive the best value from every product and service we offer.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to become Florida’s most trusted provider of high-quality, low-cost pharmaceutical products and services. We take every step to exceed our clients’ expectations for enhanced quality of life.

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