Welcome to Care Rx Pharmacy, a premier pharmacy in Tallahassee, FL. We offer a variety of pharmacy services, including prescription fillingprescription deliveryprior auth service, and much more. Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can assist you with a wide range of issues, offering the highest degree of commitment and flexibility to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on being highly trained healthcare professionals and staying up to date with the best compound pharmacy practices and procedures.

We provide all of our patients with a friendly environment and superb customer service because we love our community and always want to give back. Our founder, Harsh Patel, has been serving Tallahassee for over 10 years and he is an expert in recommending the correct medication regimen by looking through formulary alternatives which are also approved by doctors. If you'd like more information regarding a certain prescription medication or are looking for a specialty pharmacy, look no further than Care Rx Pharmacy. Give us a call or stop by our pharmacy today for more information regarding all of our pharmacy services.